Shallow Dance

by Matty Sullivan

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"This book reads a lot like a diary, or a journal of daily writing exercises. And that's not a complaint by any means. In fact, some of the most humorous and interesting things Sullivan has to say are divulged, not in the more focused pieces, where the intent is clear from the start, but rather in the meandering, organic course of his explorations, making Shallow Dance just as much an example of how to write as it is an example of a book worth reading.

"Another thing Sullivan probably has on many other writers is the ability to temper his cynicism and curmudgeonry with great humor and, quite notably, an abiding faith in the potential for goodness in people, despite all the evidence he presents to the contrary."

--Arthur Graham


"I am happy to have had this quick little read injected into my life. Each chapter could have been the beginning to a much larger story, but each chapter stood on its own. I greatly enjoyed the ways in which my thoughts were spread about at the conclusion of entry. I wanted more but, at the same time, was grateful that it ended so that we could move on. Really thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking work."


"This is engaging avant-garde literature. I am glad books like this exist, because twenty years ago, this would have never been published in any form, and we need quirky indie writers like Matty Sullivan. So I say support indie authors and check out Shallow Dance."

--Raegan Butcher


"So insightful and realistic yet with both dry and goofy humor. No preachy self-importance noted, but it still reveals the mind of a thinker and suggests a latent desire for 'truth at all costs'. Embarrassingly funny in his depictions of the annoyance we all can feel at the everyday minutia of life."       

--Pamela Russell